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What's Trending in the Kitchen?

Looking back over the decades, not all kitchen trends have stood the test of time. When investing in a quality kitchen that will last for ten years or more how do you choose a design trend that is ‘in’ but one that will also be practical, hard-wearing, and won’t date?

The first consideration must always be practicality. It’s no good having a kitchen that looks great, but lacks storage for your needs, or one that is totally unsuitable for your lifestyle. For example – small children and a kitchen that’s hard to clean would be a nightmare! Always think ‘how will we use it?’ first. And then add in the indulgent or quirky touches.

A good designer will make use of a plethora of clever storage ideas – for example - large drawers with dedicated areas for crockery, with lovely soft-close mechanisms. Special corner units, swing out larders and integrated re-cycling areas all help to save valuable floor space.

Flat style slab doors with no grooves and channels to catch dirt, plus wipe-clean induction hobs will also help keep a kitchen clean and looking fresh for years to come.

Once these are taken into consideration, you can then look at the ‘fun’ part of designing your dream kitchen.

Contrast is a big trend right now, with designers mixing colours, textures and materials to create a truly individual look. Consider mixing wood, with high-gloss units – a great contemporary style that won’t date any time soon.

Kitchens have also become larger and have become multi-functional spaces, leading to an increase in products that incorporate features such as open plan shelving and living furniture. Ask yourself how will you live in the room. Will you be entertaining in there? Will the family gather in there as a general hub of the home? There’s so much more now to consider than years ago, when it was just a room for literally cooking.

Another big change is how energy-conscious we have all become, with manufacturers now offering a wealth of energy-efficient products. From lighting or energy-saving appliances to hot water taps rather than kettles, this is another great and practical way to make the kitchen work for you for years to come.

Enjoy the journey – it’s exciting and fun. And done properly by a KBSA retailer, you’ll have peace of mind that it’s been done by a guaranteed professional.

By Monday, 10 December 2012 00:00 Published in Kitchens