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Tina Riley 45th Birthday

On the 14th of September we threw open our doors and welcomed in the public to share in our 45th birthday celebrations!

From 10am onwards Leamington locals flooded in to soak up the atmosphere, add their congratulations and enjoy the entertainment. One very special family was also in attendance, the Rees’ who recently won our competition for a new kitchen – allowing their son Jordan to pursue his passion for cooking.

One highlight of the day was the performance of expert product demonstrations conducted by 2 Bosch professionals, including steam baking, resulting in a fascinated and very hungry crowd! We kept the refreshments flowing all day, and everyone was given a goody bag to take home.

I’m really proud of the event’s success, and was blown away by the amount of well-wishers - more than 100 people came to offer their congratulations and take part in the fun!

A huge thank you to everybody that came out to support us, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

By Wednesday, 16 October 2013 08:33 Published in News